Unpacking That Trunk

Posted on: 11th November 2015

A Pioneering Film Project for Young People!

Wappy logoWAPPY in partnership with KA Filmworks and CCS Libraries invites young people (age groups 6 – 11, 12-16 and 17-21) to take part in a pioneering documentary about the legacy of Marcus Garvey, as part of the Unpacking That Trunk workshop, which will be filmed at Ealing Central Library on Tuesday, 24th November (4.30 -6.30 pm).
When Akuba unpacked her father’s (Solomon Quansah) naval trunk in 2013, thirty-years after his passing, it revealed some amazing personal treasures which linked his work on the Black Star Line shipping company in Ghana to the legacy of Jamaican national hero, Marcus Garvey!  This discovery has inspired Akuba’s ‘Unpacking That Trunk’ workshop, a dynamic creative session which covers History, Geography, Drama, Art, Music, Creative Writing as well as her personal story about her connection to the Windrush generation  of shipping liners through the trunk’s amazing contents.
KS Filmworks logoThe Garvey-inspired workshop will be filmed by KA FILMWORKS, and aims to capture Akuba’s personal ‘trunk story’ and the development of group and individual ‘trunk stories’ through:

  1. A ‘Call and Response’ / interactive activity
  2. Storytelling ‘Anansi and the Freedom Voyage’
  3. Monologues and drama, based on the lives of three black/African/Caribbean pioneers (Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Solomon Quansah (Akuba’s father) and Evelyn Wauchape (a female Windrush stowaway). 
  4. Peer group random selection of hidden trunk objects to inspire creative-writing, drama, rap, music and art work.

Akuba logoThe main objective of Khesumaba Jess, Director of KA FILMWORKS is to create a drama-documentary to include the contributions of Akala (UK Grime rap artist and media critic), Colin Grant (author of Garvey biography, 'Negro with a Black Face'), Cecil Gutzmore (Lecturer at the University of West Indies) and Garvey and Nzinga Assata (author of 'Women in the Garvey Movement). 
To book a place visit www.wappy.org.uk/eventsworkshopsform/4539069951 or email WAPPPY at www.wappy@live.com.  

Admission: Free