Talk: The Last Battle on English Soil

Posted on: 30th October 2015

Last Battle on English Soil, Preston 1715 bookEngland’s green and pleasant land has been a peaceful harmonious land for many generations. It has now been 300 years since the last battle on English soil. This forgotten battle in Preston, Lancashire - part of the first Jacobite uprising between the supporters of the deposed House of Stewart and the British Crown and Government.

Dr Jonathan Oates, Ealing Libraries Historian and author – writer of many local history books such as ‘(Sweet William or the Butcher?: The Duke of Cumberland and the '45)’ and ‘Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837’ - gives a talk on this last battle, looking at:

  • why it was fought
  • who the combatants were
  • why it was important
  • as well as an account of the fighting itself

As part of the talk, Dr Oates will be promoting his newest British history book ‘The Last Battle on English Soil, Preston 1715’.

Only a week after we remember The Fallen during Remembrance Day, join us on the evening of Tuesday 17th November at Ealing Central Library - starting at 6.15pm - (tickets cost £1.50 members/ £3 non-members) for an engaging talk about a part of England’s military history.

Further information regarding how the Local History Centre can help you with your local or family tree research, listings of local history books available to buy and planned future talks can be found on their information page.