Talk: Miss Susan Smee - Acton’s pioneering female Councillor

Posted on: 16th April 2015

Susan Smee portraitMiss Susan Smee was Acton's first female councillor, first female Mayor, first female magistrate and first female curator of Gunnersbury Park Museum in the 1910s and 1920s- an honorary position she held well into her 80’s.

Dr Jonathan Oates- Ealing Libraries Historian and author of many history books such as “Attack on London: Disaster, Rebellion, Riot, Terror and War” and “John George Haigh, the Acid-Bath Murderer”- gives an interesting talk about a now forgotten women who helped to redefine the role of local women in work and public service life. 

Join us on the evening of Thursday 16th April at the recently refurbished Acton Town Hall Library starting at 6.15pm (tickets cost £3 members/ £5 non-members for a talk on a fascinating lady of Acton.   

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