Talk: Ealing’s Aeronautical History

Posted on: 27th October 2015

Vickers Viking planeToday, aviation is often on the news; missing aircrafts, new runways and aircrafts, military operations, pollution and new spaceports, all industries spawned from the humble beginnings of the Wright brothers ‘Wright Flyer’.

West London is better known now as a neighbour to Heathrow Airport, however Ealing has a long rich link with aviation. The London Borough of Ealing has been a host to early RAF bases, now disappeared aerodromes and been witness to an airplane crash.

Local History enthusiast and author Paul Lang – writer of books ‘Richmond upon Thames Through Time’ and ‘Ealing Then and Now’ - lectures on the impact of aviation on the borough. Come along to Ealing Central Library, on the evening of Tuesday 10th November (starts at 6.15pm) for a talk that will take you on a flight of discovery.

Further information regarding how the Local History Centre can help you with your local/ family-tree research, listings of local history books available to buy and planned future talks can be found on their information page.