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Each month we aim to publish a new post about something in history and it links to the borough. We look at a wide range of subjects, sometimes topical, but often an unusual forgotten part of the borough’s history that can be rediscovered and brought to light.

Below are our postings to date, click on one of the subject headings to find out more.


December: Famous People of Ealing: Film and Television Celebrities 

November: The last Ealing Ghost Story?

October: Punk History of Ealing: An Interview with Skip Gillieman 

September: Local Ghosts

August: The People’s Princess: Diana and Ealing  

July: Hanwell and Ealing Heritage Museum: An Interview with David Blackwell 

June: Change and Controversy: Ealing’s Blair Years, 1997-2007 

May: 1977: A Year in the Making of Multicultural Ealing  

April: Leopold de Rothschild and Ealing

March: Beating the Bounds

February: Aces High: Polish Airmen at R.A.F. Northolt, 1940-1945

January: New Years Past


December: Sheila’s Perivale

November: Ronald Chesney: The Middle Class Murderer

October: Babylon by Bus: Bussing in Southall in Context, 1963-1981

September: Meet the Speaker: AbdulMaalik Tailor (Ealing – A Muslim History)

August:  Ealing Literary Figures

July: Men of the ‘Big Push’: Ealing’s Battle of the Somme

June: Changing Places of Worship in Ealing: Making Suburban Faith

May: Teaching Ealing

April: Carry on Filming: Sid James and the Ealing Sudios Films

March: Last Cubist in Ealing: Marevna Vorobiev-Stebelska (1892-1984)

February: The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Rectories of Ealing

January: The Suffrage Issue in Ealing, 1907-1914


December: Churches through Time: Ealing’s Christian Places of Worship

November: War Memorials and Rolls of Honour

October: Ealing's Men of War

September: Meet the Speaker: Paul Lang (Ealing’s Aeronautical History)

August: Contribution to Victory: Southall's A.E.C. Factory and WWII

July: Mr. Hanwell: An Interview with David Blackwell

June: A School Exercise Book

May: Ealing and the Napoleonic Wars

April: From News to History: Researching Ealing in the 1960s

March: Polish Ealing

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