Gibsons Games and Puzzle Master

Volunteer!We’re currently looking for volunteers to support our games and puzzle clubs which we’ll be starting in September across all our contracts.


Across 4 libraries:

Description of role

As the Gibsons Games and Puzzle Master you will be responsible for setting up, running and packing up the community puzzle and games club one day of the week at Ealing Central Library.
The puzzle and games club is designed to be a social gathering for those 50+. An opportunity to join others in the community who have a love of puzzling and board games.
Puzzles and board games are good for socialising, maintaining movement in the fingers and hands and exercising the memory.


Tasks will include:

  • Promoting the club amongst like-minded people in the community
  • Unpacking the puzzles and games into the communal area
  • Ensuring that attendees have enough space to complete their puzzle or game, and are using the puzzle board if necessary
  • Putting games and puzzles that are not being used away
  • Taking a register of attendees
  • Reporting back to management on number of attendees
  • Reporting any missing pieces to management
  • Packing the games away safely after each club session into storage
  • Encouraging participants to try new games and helping them learn how to play

Time commitment

At the library - 2 hours, one day a week

Promoting the club - 1–2 hours per week

Skills and qualification

No skills or qualification necessary.
Personal qualities that would be beneficial:

  • Good communication skills
  • Personable, easy to approach
  • An interest in puzzles and games

Training and support

Briefing document will be provided containing all the relevant information and contact details. You will have the full support of a management team member available to contact at all times.

Benefits to volunteering

  • Help to piece together the community, bit by bit
  • Meet new people
  • Help other people meet new people
  • Help to stop the spread of loneliness in your local area

Application procedure

Applications to volunteer should be made via:

Volunteer Champion

Contact Information for the role at Ashburton Library in Croydon for the role at Ealing Central Library in Ealing for the role at Wealdstone Library in Harrow for the role at Heston Library in Hounslow

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